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5 stars Recommended
Fantastic experience so far. I have now had both eyes done for cataracts, with special lenses for distance. My experience has been wonderful. I had laser assisted cataract surgery. Dr. Loden and his staff, and Northridge surgery center and their staff, are fantastic. Thank you all. My vision is so crisp and clear. I am thrilled with my surgery results.

5 stars 5
Loden Vision is the best eye treatment center I have ever visited I have always had problems with my vision and have never been to a place that was ran as seamlessly as this one! Dr. Loden took exceptional care of me in helping to restore my vision and I am forever grateful! So glad I researched and found this place! I couldnt be happier with the results from my iLasik/Refractive surgery. Im seeing better than I ever have with my new lense. when i came here I was wearing a -15 glasses prescription. I now have 20/20 vision. I only need readers to see up close. Its literally like Im seeing everything in HD! Colors are so much more vivid, everything is super clear. I was so nervous to have it done but there was no way around it being that I am already blind in my left eye, and Dr. Loden assured me that he would take care of me and he did just that. I highly recommend this place! Even better, the price compared to the quality this procedure can bring to someone who truly needs it life is unparalleled! You cant put a price on this feeling. Its been almost a month since surgery and it all still seems surreal. Look no further, just make your appointment.

5 stars 5
Got iLasik procedure in September and I feel like a new man, being able to see without correction is the best gift you can give yourself and these people do it professionally and politely. My vision was in the -8 range and I still got amazing 20/20 results.

5 stars 5
This doctor absolutely saved my vision when my retina detached. He is skilled and compassionate! The best in town.

5 stars Recommended
I can see better than I have since 3rd grade!

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