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5 stars 5
Great Dr.. everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable and at ease..

5 stars 5
Dr Loden performed my Lasik surgery roughly 25 years ago and I was told I would likely need the surgery again in 10 years due to my astigmatism. It wasnt until about the 25 year mark when I started losing 20/20 vision so I went to the vision center for my next checkup.My first impression was how nice the waiting room was and the setup was very well laid out. Both of the ladies at the reception desk were very kind and friendly. I ended up striking up a conversation with one of the ladies while I waited. Then the tech came out to take me to the exam room and she was very kind and professional as well. Went through all the tests. When the doctor came in, he greeted me with a very warm smile and was extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough in explaining everything he went through. Ive seen several other eye doctors over the course of my life for exams and never found one I really liked so I was thrilled to find a doctor I trust. I have a brain cyst and he even knew all about that and the symptoms/issues that can cause! That helped to build more trust in him. Then when the exam was over, he shook my hand and the tech led me back out. Such a pleasant experience.I then met with the kind lady working in the eyeglass section. She was listening to my concerns (can I wear contacts again after lasik) and she went through options and gave me two different pairs of daily contacts (10 days worth) to try and if they worked, let her know. No questions asked - just handed them to me and sent me on my way. That was awesome! I was told by a previous eye doctor that I would never be able to wear contacts again after surgery and she said this was not true. And she was right! One of the pairs she gave me worked!! (After lasik, the cornea is reshaped making vision more challenging with contacts).All in all, this is one of the best clinics Ive been to with some of the best staff and doctors. I highly recommend!

5 stars Recommended
100% recommend Loden for LASIK! They were so helpful and made the scary experience so easy! The day of and day after were so much better than I thought! Could almost see 20/20 just 12 hours after the surgery! Staff was awesome and Dr. Loden is the best.

5 stars 5
I felt like the nurse really cared about me and mostly my vision, she was very helpful and answered all my questions that I had, my Dr. Was great also

5 stars 5
Everyone was professional and personable. Anyone connected to my personal surgery introduced themselves and alleviated any concerns. All went great and looking forward to my other eye surgery in January. Thanks so much.

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