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5 stars 5
My lasik experience was absolutely amazing. One day after my surgery and I'm already reading 20/15. The process was simple and quick and the staff were friendly and helpful. Dr Loren was amazing during tr procedure and even made time to personally call the evening after the procedure to check in on me. I highly recommend Loden Vision if you are wanting to look into corrective surgery.

5 stars 5

5 stars 5
Dr Evans was great. She knew exactly what I needed to help with my dry eyes. I would certainly recommend her and the Loden Vision Center in Gallatin to my family and friends.

5 stars 5
I am a 68 year old male that had cataracts that caused driving at night very difficult. Driving at night in the rain was downright dangerous.I went online and completed Loden Visions Cataract Self-Test which indicated that I would be a likely candidate for cataract surgery. I was contacted by phone to schedule an appointment with an optometrist to professionally evaluate my vision. An appointment was set at the Smyrna office to see Dr. Camille Barberic, OD.Dr. Barberic and her staff conducted a very thorough examination. She explained by diagnosis and she and her staff explained the options that I had available to correct my cataracts and astigmatism. They suggested Dr. Katie Mills, MD to perform the surgery but allowed me to choose any of their ophthalmologists.I met Dr. Mills and she was both professional and very personable. She explained the magnitude of my problem and the procedure that would take place. My surgery was scheduled with instructions for medication and preparation that was very clear. They had a company call me to arrange my medications prior to the time I was begin using them and at the most economical price with my insurance.I had surgery on my non-dominant (left) eye October 3rd at the Loden Vision surgery center in Goodlettsville. The professionalism and courtesy was again manifest. The process was explained by the medical staff and anesthesiologist, vitals were taken, medicine given, and I was off to the initial procedure. Following that I went into the operating room where the surgery was performed. All of the medical staff and nurses were wonderful. I was awake during the operation and found the procedure fascinating. The nurses and Dr. Mills explained every step that would take place prior to it occurring and made me extraordinarily comfortable. The procedure was short and sweet. I walked into the recovery area, was given post-op instructions, vitals were again taken, and I was wheeled out to my car and my wife drove me home.The next day Dr. Barberic and her staff removed the patch, examined my eye, measured the eye pressure, and gave me the normal vision tests. One of Dr. Barberics nurses asked if I had noticed a difference in brightness. I hadnt so I closed my right eye to see what white was like with the left eye. Then I closed the left eye and opened the right eye. The difference was amazing left eye white was clear as the driven snow and my right eye was eggshell white. My vision was nearly 20/20. I was scheduled for an appointment the following week. That appointment showed that my vision in the left eye was better that 20/20, the pressure was perfect, and the wound was healing as expected. I was anxious to drive at night what a difference it made with just one eye corrected. No haloes, no unbearable glare, I could read the street signs, and I felt comfortable driving at night again.I had my right eye surgery on August 24th. It went as well or better that the first procedure. The staff, medical staff, and Dr. Mills were so professional and kind. I went back to Dr. Barberic the next day and everything was great vision in my right eye was 20/20 only one day after surgery and white is now white in both eyes. Ill see her again in three weeks for a follow-up visit.Bottom line, I highly recommend Dr. Barberic, OD and she will be my optometrist henceforward. I could not be more pleased with her and the thoroughness of her work. I also highly recommend Dr. Mills MD and, if I ever need to have surgery on my eyes in the future, she will be the first I call. I would not hesitate a New York second to have her perform the surgery or to recommend another doctor if she could not perform the surgery. These folks, from receptionist to surgeon, are fantastic and I am so pleased that they have restored my vision to such a level.Thank you Dr. Barberic and Dr. Mills!

5 stars 5
Dr Loden and his staff at the goodlettsville location were amazing. I would highly recommend this company to anybody considering lasik eye surgery.

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